Advanced Neuroimaging in Pediatric Stroke: Pathophysiology of Injury and Repair in Children with Focal Brain Ischemia

Feb 18, 2020

| Enrolling | Observational | Multi-site | Brain Canada | Noma Dlamini |

The Brain Canada study is the first multi-center, international, advanced prospective neuroimaging study in childhood stroke. The study focuses on using novel neuroimaging techniques to understand the mechanisms of injury and recovery following AIS in the development brain.

Participating Sites: The Hospital for Sick Children (N. Dlamini), Alberta Children’s Hospital (A. Kirton), Winnipeg Children’s Hospital (M. Rafay), Colorado Children’s Hospital (T. Bernard), and Boston Children’s Hospital (M. Rivkin)

Keyword(s): Imaging, Stroke, Ischemia

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Contact information: Amanda Robertson,

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