Organizational Structure

Working Group

Organizational Structure

The IPSO Working Group will outline the IPSO Organizational Structure.  The International Pediatric Stroke Study (IPSS), founded in 2003, will continue its functions as a centralized data and imaging core for multicenter pediatric stroke studies.  The IPSS will support the mandate and mission of IPSO. It will now be considered the clinical research arm of IPSO.  IPSO members can choose to participate in the IPSS data registry and funded multicenter studies administrated by the IPSS.   However, they may also participate in other IPSO activities and committees, without participating in the IPSS

IPSO Committees will include a Clinical Guidelines Committee, Patient Advocacy Committee, Training and Mentoring Committee, Event Program Committee and others to be determined by the IPSO Working Group.

IPSS Committees will include a Scientific Committee and Publications Committee that will support the scientific productivity of the network by the development of hypothesis-generating and hypothesis-driven research and the  publication of manuscripts. There will also be a clinical data working group determined on an as needed basis.

Please note this is a draft version of the IPSO organizational structure. The IPSO working group will finalize the org structure.