IPSO Working Groups

IPSO Working Groups

IPSO will send out periodic emails to IPSO members when volunteers for working groups are needed.  Members may also contact IPSO to express interest in joining a working group.

IPSO Charter Working Group

Role: Provide input on the IPSO charter before we send it out to the full membership for ratification.  We would appreciate the involvement of any members who have experience founding other organizations or societies, or simply love org charts and parliamentary procedure.


Heather Fullerton; San Francisco, United States
Kathleen Colao; San Francisco, United States
Nomazulu Dlamini; Toronto, Canada
Alexandra Linds; Toronto, Canada
Steven Pavlakis; New York, United States
Christine Mrakotsky; Boston, United States

Expression of Interest

Are you interested in joining a working group?  If so, please Email Us with the following information:

  • Working group(s) you are particularly interested in, in order of preference
  • Your nationality and specialty (we are aiming for diverse representation—international and multidisciplinary)
  • Are you interested in chairing a working group?  Every working group chair automatically becomes a member of the IPSO Steering Committee.
  • Anything special about your background or experience that would be relevant to a particular working group?
IPSO Pediatric Stroke Readiness Working Group

Role: Prepare an IPSO position statement on what it means for a center to be “ready” to take care of a child with a stroke, and what we as an organization think should be criteria for a “Pediatric Stroke Center.”  The process will include surveys of IPSO members to develop consensus.  Will need representatives from multiple disciplines and different nationalities to participate in this controversial issue.


Chair: Tim Bernard; Denver, United States
Co-chair: Christine Fox; San Francisco, United States

Todd Abruzzo; Phoenix, United States
Faisal Alabbas; Khobar, Saudi Arabia
Alhamza R. Al-Bayati, United States
Nihal Bakeer; Indianapolis, United States
Julie Bolette Brix Bindslev; Copenhagen, Denmark
Julia Boccoli; Rosario, Argentina
Lucas Elijovich; Memphis, United States
Daniel R. Fain; Grand Rapids, United States
Pierre Fayad; Omaha, United States
Lucia Gerstl, Munich, Germany
Marcie Files; Kansas City, United States
Stuart Fraser; Houston, United States
Neil Friedman; Phoenix, United States
Mili Galardi; St. Louis, United States
Kristin Guilliams; St. Louis, United States
Dana Harrar; Washington D.C., United States
Rebecca Kahler; Kansas City, United States
Akash Kansagra, St. Louis, United States
Minal Kekatpure; Bangalore, India
Manoëlle Kossorotoff; Paris, France
Anneli Kolk; Tartu, Estonia
Gordana Kovacevic; Belgrade, Serbia
Gogi Kumar; Dayton, United States
Ike Lagunju; Ibadan, Nigeria
Sarah Lee; Palo Alto, United States
Mesha Martinez; Indianapolis, United States
Niyati Mehta; Milwaukee, United States
Christine Mrakotsky; Boston, United States
Mahendra Moharir; Toronto, Canada
Kevin O’Connor; Lexington, Kentucky
Oluseyi Oniyangi; Abuja, Nigeria
Nidhi Ravishankar; Louisville, United States
Maria Fernanda Rios Pistoia; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Michael Rivkin; Boston, United States
Débora Sanz; Maid, Spain
Rainer Seidl; Vienna, Austria
Ali Shaibani; Chicago, United States
Jonathan Smith; Vancouver, Canada
Nicholas Stence; Denver, United States
Jo Tilley; Fort Worth, United States
Yenny Zuñiga; Bogotá, Colombia
Marcela Torres; Fort Worth, United States

IPSO Hemorrhagic Pediatric Stroke Working Group
Role: This working group will develop, launch, and enroll in a pediatric hemorrhagic stroke registry. This working group will develop guidelines for the care of children with hemorrhagic stroke or its etiologies, like brain AVMs.


Co-chair: Grégoire Boulouis; Tours, France
Co-chair: Laura Lehman; Boston, United States

Faisal Alabbass; Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Joy Alejo; Ibadan, Nigeria
Andrea Andrade; London, Canada
Sandro Benichi; Paris, France
Lauren Beslow; Philadelphia, United States
Thomas Blauwblomme; Paris, France
Willmot Bonnet; Dallas, United States
Neeraj Chaudhary; Ann Arbor, United States
Mahesh Chikkannaiah; Dayton, United States
Melissa Chung; Columbus, United States
Shelley Dean; Charlotte, United States
Peter Dirks; Toronto, Canada
Noma Dlamini; Toronto, Canada
Daniel Fain; Grand Rapids, United States
Johanna Fifi; New York City, United States
Christine Fox; San Francisco, United States
Stuart Fraser; Houston, United States
Heather Fullerton; San Francisco, United States
Vijeya Ganesan; London, United Kingdom
Jonathan Grossberg; Atlanta, United States
Dana Harrar; Washington, D.C. United States
Sahar Hassanein; Cairo, Egypt
Moran Hausman; Kedem, Tel Aviv Israel
Steven Hetts; San Francisco, United States
Lori Jordan; Nashville, United States
Akash Kansagra; St. Louis, United States
Beverly Kienitz; Madison, United States
Adam Kirton; Calgary, Canada
Ilona Kopyta; Katowice, Poland
Bin Jiang; Chicago, United States
Janette Mailo; Edmonton, Canada
Mesha Martinez; Indianapolis, United States
Elizabeth Mayne; Chicago, United States
Christine Mrakotsky; Boston, United States
Olivier Naggara; Paris, France
Casey Nesbit; San Francisco, United States
Gary Nesbit; Portland, United States
Darren Orbach; Boston, United States
Rachel Pearson; Orange, United States
Martin Radvany; Little Rock, United States
Flavio Requejo; Buenos, Aires Argentina
Jarod Roland; San Francisco, United States
Sudhakar Satti; Newark, United States
Alfred (Pokmeng) See; Boston, United States
Mukta Sharma; Kanas City, United States
Jonathan Smith; Vancouver, Canada
Ed Smith; Boston, United States
Peter Sporns; Basel, Switzerland
Maja Steinlin; Bern, Switzerland
Marilyn Tan; Manila, Philippines
Sudhakar Vadivelu; Cincinnati, United States
Arastoo Vossough, Philadelphia, United States
Max Wintermark; Stanford, United States

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