IPSS Committees

IPSS Committees

The IPSS operates under the leadership of the IPSS Executive and Publications Committees. These groups work cohesively with the membership to determine the scientific direction for the IPSS and promote scientific productivity by facilitating research projects. Committee members are subject to rotation on average every 4 years in an effort to maintain a democratic system and provide equal opportunities for participating IPSS investigators.

IPSS Executive Committee

Role: The IPSS Executive Committee (EC) is committed to supporting the advancement of pediatric stroke research. They will serve as the primary leadership and governance body for the IPSS and will be responsible for creating opportunities for the development of research and grant submissions.


Scientific Director of the IPSS and Chair of the Executive Committee: Noma Dlamini; Toronto, Canada
Vice-Chair of the Executive Committee and Chair of the Publications Committee: Tim Bernard; Denver, United States

Active IPSS Executive Committee members:

Michael Dowling; Dallas, United States
|Christine Fox; San Francisco, United States
Sahar Hassanein; Cairo, Egypt
Kate Lefond; Seattle, United States
Mark Mackay; Melbourne, Australia 

Emeritus Members of the IPSS Executive Committee

Founder of IPSS: Gabrielle deVeber; Toronto, Canada
Heather Fullerton; San Francisco, United States
Deborah Hirtz; Burlington, United States
Rebecca Ichord; Philadelphia, United States
Lori Jordan; Nashville, United States
Adam Kirton; Calgary, Canada
Finbar O’Callaghan; London, United Kingdom
Michael Rivkin; Boston, United States

Publications Committee

Role: The IPSS Publications Committee (PC) enables the timely publication of IPSS research publications that result from the IPSS clinical and imaging datasets, while ensuring the maintenance of ethical standards, primacy of patient privacy and fair distribution of authorship for academic contributions. The PC is responsible for all data requests, uses and publications.


Chair of the Publications Committee: Tim Bernard; Denver, United States
Vice-Chair of the Publications Committee: Christine Fox; San Francisco, United States


Active Publications Committee members:

Lauren Beslow; Philadelphia, United States
Ryan Felling; Baltimore, United States
Laura Lehman; Boston, United States
Mubeen Rafay; Winnipeg, Canada
Mukta Sharma; Kansas City, United States
Dimitrios Zafeiriou; Thessaloniki, Greece