IPSO Subspecialty Councils

IPSO Subspeciality Councils

Each subspecialty with sufficient membership in IPSO will have its own Council. The Council includes all IPSO members with the same subspecialty. In the inaugural year, the IPSO EC will name the chair of each subspecialty committee. IPSO will call upon Councils to help achieve IPSO’s goals as needed.  IPSO will also support Councils as they identify their own goals and objectives.

IPSO has only named one Subspecialty Council Chairs thus far. We will continue to identify chairs over the next few months. Contact us if you have any suggestions for your subspecialty.

  • Interventional Neuroradiology (INR): Darren Orbach; Boston, United States
Interventional Neuroradiology (INR) Council

Darren Orbach; Boston, United States (Chair)
Beverly Aagaard Kienitz; Madison, United States
Todd Abruzzo; Phoenix, United States
Mauricio Acosta; Bogotá; Colombia
Alhamza R. Al-Bayati, Pittsburgh, United States
Amanda Baker; San Francisco, United States 
Kartik Bhatia; Westmead, Australia 
Grégoire Boulouis; Tours, France
Neeraj Chaudhary; Ann Arbor, United States
Karen Chen; Houston, United States
Daniel Cooke; San Francisco, United States
Michael Dewan; Nashville, United States
Gary Duckwiler; Los Angeles, United States
Lucas Elijovich; Memphis, United States
Johanna Fifi; New York, United States
Joseph Gemmete; Ann Arbor, United States
Jonathan Grossberg; Atlanta, United States
Vikas Gupta; Port Saint Lucie, United States 
Steven Hetts; San Francisco, United States
Jesse Jones; Birmingham, United States
Akash Kansagra; Saint Louis, United States
Masaki Komiyama; Osaka, Japan
Angga Krishna; Denpasar, Indonesia
Seon-Kyu Lee; Bronx, United States
Gregory Lock; Brisbane, Australia 
Mesha Martinez; Indianapolis, United States
Prakash Muthusami; Toronto, Canada
Gary Nesbit; Portland, United States
Martin Radvany; Little Rock, United States
Adam Rennie; London, United Kingdom
Flavio Requejo; Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fergus Robertson; London, United Kingdom
Georges Rodesch; Suresnes, France
Sudhakar Satti; Newark, United States
Alred (Pokmeng) See; Boston, United States
Ali Shaibani; Chicago, United States
Peter Sporns; Basel, Switzerland
Shuichi Suzuki; Orange, United States
Collin Torok; Woodbury, United States
Sudhakar Vadivelu; Cincinnati, United States

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