Potential RCVS Case & Neonatal Hemorrhagic Stroke Case

The third International Pediatric Stroke Challenging Case Conference took place on

Tuesday, December 15th at 10am PST/ 12pm CST/ 1pm EST/ 7pm EUR.

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Gogi Kumar, MD

Gogi Kumar, MD is a pediatric neurologist at Dayton Children’s Hospital in Dayton, Ohio. She presented a case with stroke like symptoms, inquiring if it is RCVS.

Minal Kekatpure, MD

Minal Kekatpure, MD is a pediatric neurologist at Narayana Health in Bangalore, India. She presented a complicated neonatal hemorrhagic stroke case.


Kristin Guilliams, MD MSCI

Neurologist/Neuro Critical-Care
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Mukta Sharma, MD, FAAP, MPH

Children’s Mercy Kansas City

Rebecca Ichord, MD

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Nick Stence, MD

Children’s Hospital Colorado