Moyamoya Disease & Surgery Selection

The third International Pediatric Stroke Expert Corner took place on

Tuesday, September 20th, 2022 at 10am PST/ 12pm CST/ 1pm EST/ 7pm GMT +2.

Presentation Title: Moyamoya Disease & Surgery Selection

Description: During this presentation, Dr. Lisa Sun first presented on Moyamoya disease epidemiology and clinical presentation. Then Dr. Edward Smith followed with a presentation on pre-surgical evaluation and election of appropriate patients for surgery. Lastly, Dr. Shih-Shan Chen presented on types of revascularization procedures, when you do which type, and the long-term postoperative surveillance. To close out the presentation, there was a lively panel discussion with Dr. Sun, Dr. Smith, Dr. Chen, Dr. Guilliams, Dr. Dlamini and Dr. Lehman.

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Shih-Shan Lang Chen, MD

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Edward Smith, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital

Lisa Sun, MD

John Hopkins Children’s Hospital


Noma Dlamini, MD, PhD, M.Sc

Hospital for Sick Children

Kristin Guilliams, MD, MSCI

Critical Care Neurologist
St. Louis Children’s Hospital

Laura Lehman, MD

Boston Children’s Hospital