AVCnn (Accident vasculaire cérébral du nouveau-né; Stroke of the newborn) & ancillary AVCnnsignal (brain structural and functional imaging) and AVCnn7ans (global assessment at 7 years). NCT02511249; EudraCT 2010-A00329-30; EndraCT 2010-A00976-33

Feb 18, 2020

| Enrolling | Observational |Single Site | Stéphane Chabrier & Sylvie Nguyen The Tich|

The AVCnn Study provides us the opportunity to monitor a cohort of children having suffered an NAIS, and their family. Briefly, 100 term newborns (64 males) with an arterial infarct symptomatic in the neonatal period were consecutively enrolled between November 2003 and October 2006 from 39 neonatology and neuropediatrics units distributed throughout mainland France. The cohort gave us insight into clinical presentation, obstetrical/neonatal/biological determinants, developmental (quality of life, functional autonomy, handedness and manual dexterity, language, global cognitive functioning, behavior, epilepsy…) outcome and its imaging and environmental prognostic factors, modalities of brain (re)organization, parental vs. professional perspective. The AVCnn cohort was also used for the cross-cultural adaptation of the PSOM-SoI in French and the evaluation of its metrological properties.

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Keywords: Neonatal arterial ischemic stroke, Longitudinal study, Developmental outcome, Early brain injury (EBI) and post-EBI (re)organization.

Contact information: Stéphane Chabrier,

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