Seizures in Pediatric Stroke II (SIPS)

Feb 20, 2020

| Closed | Observational | Multi-site | PERF | Christine Fox|

SIPS II is an international multi-center PERF funded study that proposed to enroll 300 neonatal and pediatric stroke cases. Imaging, EEGs, medical chart abstraction and epilepsy longitudinal outcome data will be collected. SIPS II aims to determine extend to which acute seizures after pediatric stroke are associated with stroke-related death, neurologic recovery and 5-year epilepsy risk, identify neuroimaging biomarkers associated with acute seizures and epilepsy and identify EEG biomarkers associated with severe neurological outcomes and epilepsy.

Participating sites: Ain Shams University (S. Sahar), Boston’s Children’s Hospital (M. Rivkin), Iashvili Children’s Central Hospital (N. Tatishvili), Children’s National Medical Center (P. Pergami), The Hospital of Sick Children (N. Dlamini), Seattle Children’s Hospital (C. LeFond), Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne (M. MacKay), St. Louis Children’s Hospital (K. Guilliams), Stanford University (M. Wintermark), University of Calgary, Alberta Children’s Hospital (A. Kirton), University of Colorado, Denver (T. Bernard), The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center (M. Dowling), Vanderbilt University Medical Center (L. Jordan) and Winnipeg Children’s Hospital (M. Rafay)

Keyword(s): Imaging, Epilepsy, Neonates, Seizure, Stroke

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